I learned how to connect my mind to my heart and where authentic leadership comes from. This has been a life-changing experience. I have finally discovered my true self which enables me to be a better parent, friend, son and leader.

- David Lyons, Senior Manager, Markets Training and Development Leader, AstraZeneca

The cost for The Leadership Trust training is nothing compared to the rewards in our workplace. We have sent nearly 100 people since the late 1990s.

- Dale Moore, CEO, Moore’s Electric and Mechanical

This program is an excellent foundation and complement to all other leadership workshops. This should be a requirement for all leaders.

- Karen Marshall, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo

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This week of my life ranks in the top 5 life-changing events of my existence. The transformation in my ability to connect with people is beyond what I can explain.

- Chris Raglin, Program Manager, Cooper Tire and Rubber Company

Named a Top Thought Leader in Trust and Trustworthy Business, 2014 – Present
Named a Trust Across America 2018 Lifetime Achievement Honoree


“When dealing with people, remember that you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.”?~Dale Carnegie


Are you looking for a transformation?

Are you ready for an experience that is intense, immersive, data-based, experiential, and transforms at the subconscious level?

If so, this is what we do.? We grow the entire person through both personal AND professional transformation, because home affects work, and work affects home.

And the way we accomplish this is through emotional intelligence and self-awareness experiential methodologies?at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

Personalized Leadership Development Program

All leadership development programs are tuition-guaranteed and personalized to meet you where you today while addressing whatever your specific needs, concerns, and goals – not only through your perspective, but also through the perspective of others whom you impact.

Our programs run from 3 to 5 days depending on the degree of immersion you seek.? Whether the transformation you seek is of a developmental or interventional nature, you receive 4 weeks of post-workshop accountability coaching, given research shows it takes 21-30 days to jell a new behavior. Our small classes are designed to feel safe and appropriately intimate for continuous, one-on-one engagement and laser-focused feedback.

Experience the diversity of takeaways by visiting our video and signature testimonials. Once we’ve had a chance to speak to whatever issues of interest you may have and share pertinent content and logistics, ask us to connect you with former graduates as you go about making an informed decision regarding what is best for you.

Our success is contingent upon yours, which is why we take your guaranteed programs seriously. We are humbly proud that not a single graduate has asked for even a partial refund?since the inception of our company.

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Teambuilding &?Organizational Development for High-performing teams

We perform comprehensive, customized team-building and organizational development consulting services. We strategically customize all of our organizational development consulting packages for company leaders, teams, divisions, and/or the organization as a whole, covering a comprehensive range of personal, professional, and business-related concerns. Whatever your need (e.g., succession planning, strategic planning, team-building, or strategic communication to enhance trust, innovation and collaboration), our approach is both data and results driven, and our goal is to earn your trust while exceeding your expectations.

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